How to Master the Art of Selling Comic

Tom Hopkins

How to Master the Art of Selling

A national bestseller, with over one million copies sold in its original version!

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This book is a classic for teaching the tools of selling success. Lauded by motivational icon Zig Ziglar, the author has been called “America’s #1 sales trainer.”

If you want to get the lowdown on the secrets of master salesmanship, this book is for you. Tom Hopkins understands both sides of the selling equation, the fears of both buyers and salespeople. Buyers don't want to be "sold" anything; salespeople don’t want to fail.

The skills the book teaches cover the whole gamut of selling strategies, from how to effectively prospect to how to close a sale. A megaton of knowledge congealed into one little book, studded with amusing illustrations.

Tom Hopkins

About Tom Hopkins
TOM HOPKINS failed miserably during the first six months of his career in real estate, before discovering and applying winning sales techniques that earned him more than a million dollars in just three years, leaving him fabulously wealthy by age 27. He went on to set records that remained unbroken until this century. In his last year as an agent, he sold 365 homes—the equivalent of one per day. In a period of six years, he closed 1,553 real estate transactions. Today he spends his time teaching others how to become sales champions and how to succeed beyond their wildest imaginings.